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We offer high-quality APP membrane waterproofing solutions. APP membrane is a long-lasting waterproofing material that is manufactured from Bitumen. And it is widely used by contractors to protect surfaces against leakage.

One of the finest solutions for curtain walls, foundations, and high-tensile constructions, basement walls, balconies, terrace roofs, inclined roofs, water tanks, constructed ponds, retaining walls, concrete channels, bathrooms, and any wet surfaces.

Our reputed vendors manufacture these membranes using cutting-edge process technology and provide a zero-infiltration solution.

Applying APP waterproofing membrane serves as an excellent barrier against water penetration, thanks to its many useful features:

  • Long-lasting and flexible.

  • It may be used on a various surfaces.

  • Has a high strength and durability.

  • Provide dimensional stability at high temperatures while being flexible at low temperatures.

  • 100% impermeable, eliminating the possibility of leakage.

  • Tensile strength of APP membranes is quite high

Procedure for Applying:

Before applying APP waterproofing, make sure the surface is clean of any oils or chemicals. On the application surface, a primer is recommended. A welding torch is used to keep joints 10 cm overtopping and ends 15 cm overtopping. The mineral stone that coats the surface of the joints is heated with a trowel, and the minerals are buried into the bituminous surface before the joints are welded together.

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