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Mastic Asphalt Mixer (Cooker)

The equipment is designed in 1.5 & 2.0 ton capacity, to accelerate the building and repair of blacktop roads. It saves money on direct labour, bitumen, and gasoline. Radiation heat loss is practically eliminated. It is the most cost-effective, efficient, and simple to use.

Mastic Asphalt Mixer (Cooker), 1.5 & 2.0 ton capacity, with pan and side bucket constructed of heavy strength M.S. plate, set on a manufactured chassis with four C.I. wheels. The mixing unit is made of strong M.S. shat with arms and is powered by a 7.5  H.P. electric motor. There is a gear box, a blower with a motor, a specific kind of burner, and a fuel tank.

Capacity1.5 Ton2.0 Ton
Lenght A3300 mm3300 mm
Widht B1350 mm1830 mm
Height C2000 mm2200 mm
Machine Speed10-12 RPM10-12 RAM
Agitator Shaft75 * 75 mm75 * 75 mm
Shell16 mm16 mm
BurnerSuitable for Diesel \
LDO of Standard Make
Suitable for Diesel \
LDO of Standard Make
InsulationBrick LiningBrick Lining
DriveBelt DriveBelt Drive
Charging Height1250 mm4250 mm
Charging Opening1850 * 600 mm1850 * 600 mm
Outlet200 * 125 mm (Manual)200 * 125 mm (Manual)
Motor7.5 HP10 HP
Mech. Gear BoxGreaves / Radicon Or
Standard Make
Greaves / Radicon Or
Standard Make
Blower2 HP3 HP
Electic Starter2 nos. DOL Starter2 nos. DOL Starter
Diesel Tank150 Ltr. Capacity150 Ltr. Capacity
Net Weight2500 Kg.2800 Kg
  • The mixer can be loaded and unloaded as required.
  • Proof of load testing and certification is supplied for each lifting point.
  • It comes with a fire extinguisher and a rake.
  • Finished in the customer’s preferred colour.




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