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Welcome To Ali Infrastructure

For over 15 years, Ali Infrastructure has been providing responsive and robust equipment designed to meet the demands of a range of specialist sectors.

Ali Infrastructure has been and continues to be a manufacturer of highway and utility construction equipment. We are product builders with extensive knowledge, assisting in the development of products. Clients include national and regional retailers, councils, commercial companies, and private users.

The essential thread of Ali Infrastructure’s history is providing the finest possible service to our clients. Our broad range of solutions are designed and delivered by experts. We believe in providing timely, supportive, and straightforward service, which keeps our clients coming back to us.

We have gained our name as industry-leading engineers of specialty construction equipment capable of achieving a consistently high quality final product by striving for perfection at every turn.

We are proud of our history since it has helped form the forward-thinking and enthusiastic company that we are today. Because of our considerable industry knowledge and collaborative, long-term relationships with our clients, we have been able to expand and provide a high-quality level of service.

Our team is our most valuable asset at Ali Infrastructure. Their knowledge and enthusiasm keep our clients coming back because they value working with honest engineers and account executives who are really enthusiastic about their jobs.

Over 15 Years Experience & Knowledge Of Mastic Road Equipment & Services

Ali Infrastructure has provided responsive and robust equipment that is designed to meet the demands of a range of specialist sectors.

Ali Infrastructure provides manufacture, refurbishing, hire, parts, mastic asphalt flooring, waterproofing APP membrane services.

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Our hire services provide immediate access to specialized equipment, allowing our clients additional flexibility in meeting their needs.


The team at Ali Infrastructure are highly experienced in machinery and equipment refurbishment and working with a range of industries.


We not only manufacture, supply, and hire industry-leading equipment, but we also offer a complete parts service to our clients.

Mastic Asphalt Flooring

As an industrial expert in our sector, we also provide mastic asphalt flooring services for roads, bridges, and other industrial and residential buildings etc...

Waterproofing Solution

APP Membrane is generally utilised to prevent leaks in many places. In our waterproofing services, we only utilise high-quality app membranes.




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